Results of The Third Moscow H. Neuhaus Festival of Young Pianists (2008)

The Third Moscow H. Neuhaus Festival of Young Pianists finished on April 19, 2008. It was dedicated to 120th anniversary of the great pianist, teacher and musical activist. This competition for young musicians has become a significant event in the artistic life of our capital. Like all previous H. Neuhaus festivals, it was distinguished by very high artistic professional level of participants of the final contest, which took place at the Rachmaninov Hall of the Conservatory.

All the numerous festival events were organized and conducted by Moscow Department of Culture, the Department of Culture of South-Eastern Moscow Administrative District, methodical cabinet in schools of arts and culture, and the Children’s Music School № 34 named H. Neuhaus.

Jury members

Members of the jury of the Third Moscow Festival of Young Pianists H. Neuhaus were prominent representatives of Neuhaus Piano School: Professor of P.Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory Vera GORNOSTAYEVA (Chairman) and Alexei Abramovich Nasedkin, professors of Russian Academy of Music Gregory B. Gordon and Igor Nikonovich, Professor of Saratov State Conservatory of L.V.Sobinov Albert M. Tarakanov and Professor Victor Derevianko (Israel).

The first round of the festival, which took place on the videotapes, attended more than 119 candidates from Moscow, St. Petersburg and 49 other cities and republics of the Russian Federation, as well as from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Thailand, China and Switzerland. In the second round of the festival 28 young pianists attended (younger age group – 7 ¸ middle age group – 8, older – 13).


The winners of the Third Moscow Festival of Young Pianists H. Neuhaus were:

Vsevolod Brigida, teacher S. Brigida (Children’s Music School at the Moscow School of musical performance named after F.Shopen)

Martynov Roman, teacher T.A. Zelikman (Moscow Secondary Special Music School (College) Gnesin)

Okrostsvaridze Luke (Georgia), Professor O.E. Mechetina (Academic College of Music at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory)

Ottomans Camille (Switzerland), Professor V.A. Tutyshkin (Children’s Music School im.L. van Beethoven, Moscow),

Redkin Sergei, teacher O.A. Kurnavina (Central Special Music School-Lyceum in St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov)

Alina Smirnova, Professor E.I. Kuznetsova (Academic College of Music at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory).

Diplomates of the festival

Dmitri Kalashnikov, teacher T.I. Vorobiev (Moscow Secondary Special Music School (College) Gnesin)

Daniel Malyuta, teacher M.V. Sukharenko (Secondary Special Music School (College) at the Kazan Conservatory im.N.G.Zhiganova)

Alexei Melnikov, teacher T.G. Shklovskaya (Moscow Secondary Special Music School (College) Gnesin)

Osip Nikiforov, teacher A.I. Nikiforov Children’s Musical School № 1 by A.A.Kenelya, Abakan, Khakassia)

Petya Hristova (Bulgaria), Professor EL Kanev (National Music School, Sofia)

A Ying Yong (Korea), Professor VS Kamenev (Central Secondary Special Music School (college) at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory)

Main prize

The main prize, established by the Children’s Music School № 34 named H. Neuhaus – concert and excursion to all the winners was held in Paris from 22 to 29 November 2008, the winners of the festival were made in the concert hall of Alfred Cortot.

As part of the Third Moscow Festival of Young Pianists H. Neuhaus had organized a large educational conference on music education of gifted children “Under the sign of Neuhaus” (28-31 March 2008, the Museum of Musical Culture by M.I. Glinka), as well as were carried out for the festival at the Children’s music school named after Beethoven’s master-classes of the jury and the leading professors and lecturers, pianists from different countries, which were made by such famous teachers as A. Zolotov, A.B. Diev, V.M. Tropp, T.A. Zelikman, I.V. Osipov, E.R. Richter, I. Sokolov (Moscow), Z.M.  Zuker (St. Petersburg), Markus Strange (Germany), Victor Rozenbaum ( USA), Willem Brons (Netherlands), Victor Derevianko (Israel).

All these activities attracted the attention of teachers, pianists from many music and art schools in Moscow and various cities in Russia.


Significant events of cultural life in the capital were concerts-greetings to the participants of the festival, by LE Gakkel and jury members I.Nikonovich, A.Tarakanov and Victor Derevianko (April 12, 2008, the opening of the Third Moscow H. Neuhaus Festival of Young Pianists in Rachmaninov Hall of the Conservatory), winners of the first festival of the G. Neuhaus: Alexander Kobrin (Moscow International House of Music, March 30, 2008), Miroslav Kultyshev (Armory of the Moscow Kremlin, April 16, 2008 ), Stanislav Khristenko, Alexander Kudryavtsev, Konstantin Shamray, Andrew Gugnin, Alexei Trushechkin, Alexei Grigoriev and Sergei Mitin (Glinka Museum of Musical Culture, March 31, 2008).

The evening in memory of jury members of previous contests (E.V. Malinin, A.Naumov, V.V. Kastelsky and E.J. Lieberman) became unforgettable. It was held at the Conservatory Rachmaninov Hall on April 18th, 2008. which recalled the distinguished professors H.Neuhaus Music School and performed piano compositions W. Tropp, A. Diev, I. Sokolov, Alexei Kudryashov, T.Malinina-Fedkina (Germany), A.P. Fedotov, A. and S. Shibko Glavatskih.